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Elementary, My Dear Watson: The Astounding Adventure of the Ancient Dragon by Jose Prendes

8 Jul

elementaryElementary, My Dear Watson – The Astounding Adventure of the Ancient Dragon

By Jose Prendes

174 pages – ages 9+

Published by Curiosity Quills Press on March 3, 2014

12-year-old John H. Watson was distraught. His mother was dying, his father was depressed because of it, and he was going to Candlewood Boarding School for Boys and Girls because his home was not a happy environment (and because he was neglecting his studies, of course). When a bully, calling himself Moriarty, orders Watson to hand over his money, a young boy, Watson’s age, saves him from Moriarty. The boy introduces himself as Holmes, Sherlock Holmes. When classmates start disappearing, Sherlock starts investigating, along with his new friend. Where are all the missing students going? And who is responsible for it?

First of all, I am a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books. Sherlock Holmes never ceases to amaze me.I was a little worried that reading about a young version of Sherlock would not live up to what I would expect. This book however, was a great read (cool cover too)! I really like how Mr. Prendes mixes up Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters and jumbles them into middle school. It was marvelously done. I especially like the irony in one scene, where Holmes, Watson, and another student are investigating the case, and the Head Mistress of the school walks in on it. Holmes says that they are acting out a play with 3 characters from Shakespeare’s plays. When the Head Mistress points out that they aren’t from the same play, Holmes states that it is pretending if the characters had met each other in Middle School – just like they are in this book! ;) Mr. Prendes also included of the thrill from Doyle’s mysteries, and I loved every second of it. The book was a very fast read for me. I read this book in less than a day. The plot of the story kept me on the edge of my seat, and I immediately liked John Watson. Mr. Prendes has written a great book. I would like to read other books written by him, especially from this series.

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER! by Jeff Cohen

30 Jun

evaEva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER!
By Jeff Cohen
Illustrated by Elanna Allen
32 pages – ages 5+
Published by HarperCollins on June 3, 2014

Eva and Sadie are sisters. Eva’s hair is long and curly. Sadie thinks that it is too long, too curly, and too much of a bother. It is practically impossible to tame! Then, Sadie had an idea – why not give Eva a haircut? Awesome idea, right? Maybe not so much…

An NPR radio reporter, Jeff Cohen has 2 little girls, Sadie, 5, and Eva, 3. He interviewed his kids after a disastrous hair cutting incident. Click HERE to go to the original interview (it’s hilarious). Apparently the interview went viral and Mr. Cohen turned the story into a very cute picture book. The story is very well-written, and has a great message. The message that Sadie learns is “It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them, and try not to do them again.” Sadie and Eva are great characters, ones you can relate with – after all who hasn’t done something like this when you were little?  Ms. Allen’s illustrations put the finishing touch on the book, like the whipped cream and cherry on the sundae. I think children will love learning from Eva and Sadie’s mistake. :)

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

Check out the trailer!


All Hallows Eve is BACK with 2 New Episodes!

12 Jun

Last night I was at a Twitter party to kick off the Wigu books summer reading program (click HERE to learn more or on the banner on my sidebar). One of the questions was does comics counts as reading – to which I replied -

  ! Of course they do! Comics ROCK!

I have two fun comic-type stories to tell you about. I am a fan of David Eveleigh’s All Hallows Eve stories. The books aren’t comics (although the very-cool covers look like they are) they are novellas that have a great comic feel to them. I really like the Eve character in the books. She’s a great superhero. The stories are action-packed and fun.

BEHOLD the latest from this cool series!!!

covenscurseAll Hallows Eve #8: The Coven’s Curse

By David Eveleigh

Words: 14,780 – ages 9+

Published on Smashwords on March 02, 2014


Eve Halloran (AKA All Hallows Eve) was scared. She had a nightmare where four of the people she loved most had been poisoned, and she only had an antidote for one. And, when she woke up, her beloved cat, Scorpio, had died. In her dream, it sounded like all of her mom’s (her mom was a superhero before Eve, calling herself “The Teen Trickster”) old enemies had gotten together – Hexia, Zodiak, Judge Mental, Sister Hood, Madam Fang, and Über Alice. The next time Eve went to sleep, she and her mother (as The Teen Trickster) started one of the biggest (and craziest) battles that All Hallows Eve has fought in.


horrorinlibraryAll Hallows Eve #9: Horror in the Library

By David Eveleigh

Words: 11,510 – ages 9+

Published on Smashwords on June 03, 2014

When Eve, eating lunch in the school library with friends, walking through the aisles, she somehow teleports inside Dracula by Bram Stoker (the book she decided to do for a book report), for a few minutes. Eve realizes that something fishy is up. She had barely gotten out of the book alive – she was face-to-face with Dracula after all! It turns out to be a magical book that is causing the trouble. A book, that, as its title says, eats people. But how can Eve stop it? How do you stop an evil book when it can spout out villains from stories and they all want to get Eve!


First of all, I really love this series. Mr. Eveleigh writes comic action very well. I think that he gets into the mind of his character, Eve, magnificently. In these two books, there are two very awesome plot ideas – a book that lets you actually enter a story (at a price), and a super-battle in Dreamland. I like how Mr. Eveleigh heads each chapter with a small, comic image (remember these are novellas, not comics). The images are all really cool and a nice addition! All the All Hallows Eve books are appropriate for middle-school and young advanced readers. Because they are novellas, they are a great choice for some fun summer-time reading.   I love Mr. Eveleigh’s comic art and how his writing is totally action-packed. I really like how Mr. Eveleigh always fits in a message for his books. There are messages in these, too. For example, in “Horror in the Library”, the message is that “knowledge is power, and power tends to bring out the worst in us”. In “The Coven’s Curse”, it is “[T]hings are rarely as they seem”. I can’t wait for All Hallows Eve #10!

I give these books 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m A Supervillain by Richard Roberts

11 Jun

pleasedonttellPlease Don’t Tell My Parents I’m A Supervillain
by Richard Roberts
374 pages – ages 10+
Published by Curiosity Quills Press on February 14, 2014


Summary - Penny Akk was upset because she didn’t have a super-power yet. She lives in a land of superheroes and she is the daughter of two superheroes. Her parents (Brian “Brainy” Akk and Beatrice Benevolent “BeeBee” Akk AKA The Audit) are some of the world’s smartest people. One day, while trying to build a device, Penny built a small machine that could recycle used parts. But, get this, it had NO power source, yet it worked. Penny had just stumbled upon her super-power – she can build ANYTHING she wants, but only if she has the inspiration – but it isn’t full-fledged yet. She showed her parents the machine she built (called “The Machine), and they estimated that she would probably have complete control of her powers by the end of high school, with small bursts of powers every month or so.  They were wrong. When Penny accidentally gave her two best friends super-powers, they soon became a trio of superheroes. A trio of superheroes, that is, until they accidentally destroyed their school’s gym in a battle with the school’s bully, who turns out to be a famous superhero’s sidekick, called “Miss A”. Now the world thinks that they are supervillains. No matter what they try, they are still considered villains – “The Inscrutable Machine! E-Claire, Reviled, and Bad Penny” (that last one was a mistake, courtesy of Miss A’s big mouth in a battle (calling Penny a “bad penny”), and it is also the press’s fault, for calling her that). Can they ever fix it?

What I Thought – This was a wonderfully done superherovillain book. I like that the characters didn’t mean to be supervillains but want to be superheroes. It’s a great plot idea. Mr. Roberts has written an excellent book for young readers. His writing style is awesome, and it really got me straight into the story. I read this book in one day – it literally kept me turning the pages. I love the character of Penny, and that she never wanted to be a supervillain, yet she turns out to be an excellent mad science. She is great at the evil laugh too. ;) I think that the main characters act realistically (as middle schoolers). The dialogue is spot on. I hope that there is a sequel to this book, but I also thought the book ended very well even though it is a bit of a cliff-hanger. Bonus points for a really cool cover too. Based on this book, I am looking forward to reading more from Mr. Roberts.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

Check out these fun picture books!

11 Jun

 Today I have a three fun picture books I want to tell you about that will make great summer reading for your kids!
latelylilyLately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl Hardcover
by Micah Player
Series: Lately Lily
32 pages – ages 4+
Published by Chronicle Books on March 25, 2014

Opening and Synopsis -

“Bonjour! Ciao! Hola! Hello!

I’m Lily the Travelling Girl.”

Lily and her best friend, Zeborah travel all over the world and explore new and exciting places! Go travel with Lily as she rides on boat, trains, planes and even camels. The world is a beautiful place with lots to discover and friends to be made.

What I thought- The story is cute. It shows Lily all over the world doing all sorts of things. The story shows Lily’s excitement for all she is doing.  I like that Lily writes all of her adventures down in her notebook. What I REALLY like about the book is the artwork. It really shows Lily’s excitement for all she is doing. Take a look at an interior page -


All the illustrations are this great. Micah Player is the Creative Director of the children’s clothing company – Lately Lily.

The book is perfect for summer time travel! :)

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms.fourbooks

Check out the book’s trailer!

Check out the Lately Lily website HERE.

Lately Lily on Facebook HERE.

Follow Lately Lily on Twitter HERE.

jumping-jack_9781452131528_largeJumping Jack
by Germano Zullo

Illustrated by Albertine

Ages 5 +- 40 pages
Published by Chronicle Books on May 13, 2014

Synopsis (taken from the inside jacket)

“Jumping Jack is a winner! At least, he used to be. Now this superstar show-jumping champion is stumbling and tumbling all over the course like a colt just learning how his legs work. How could this happen? What could possibly be wrong? Jumping Jack’s best friend and rider, Rodger Trotter, is determined to find out.”

What I thought-  Here is another picture book with fabulous illustrations! I love  Albertine’s style! JumpingJack_INT_Mechs.inddThe story in the book is very cute too. I love how Jack’s best friend Rodger just won’t give up on him and sticks by him until they figure out what is wrong. It’s a nice tale of friendship, persevering  and not giving up. I think it would be good for kids who play sports and get into a “slump”  and have to work through it.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

Okay this one isn’t exactly a picture book, but it is a book about drawing pictures. I think it is very cool and it will keep kids busy for hours!

doodledesignPhotoplay: Doodle. Design. Draw.

by M. J. Bronstein

ages 5+ – 128 pages
Published by Chronicle Books on March 4, 2014






Opening (from first page) -


Draw right on top of the Photographs? Yes!

Design something that seems goofy or impossible? Yes!

Color outside of the lines? Yes!

Laugh out loud at my photographs? Yes!”

Laugh out loud at your own drawings? Why not?!”

What I thought- Give me a pencil! Ms. Bronstein is a professional photographer and an art educator at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. She packed this book with photographs or parts of photographs she has taken from around the world. The reader is supposed to complete the photographs!


That’s completely cool! There is 128 pages of doodling fun in the book. I think it’d be great for car rides or rainy days. It is very creative and lets your imagination run wild. Kids of any age kid will love this! I like that Ms. Bronstein mixes up the photographs –  animals – buildings – landscape – people – objects – pretty much anything you can think of. There are blurbs on each page meant as a prompt as what to draw (or at least get your imagination going).  photoplay3

Get ready for hours of fun!

I give Photoplay five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

To learn more about Ms. Bronstein and Photoplay, please visit her website HERE!

Check out the trailer!

Check out this video showing some completed Photoplay called “No Life Without Water” – a project to bring a water well to Sudan.

How to Stick a Dart in Your Head By Eric J. Hill

9 Jun

dartHow to Stick a Dart in Your Head
By Eric J. Hill
182 pages – ages 11+
Published by Create Space on April 5, 2014

It’s easier than you think to stick a dart in your head. All you need is 1960’s-style soft, acoustical ceiling tiles, a pool table, a hockey stick, an Indoor-Outdoor carpet, and, – oh, yeah – a dart! Then you toss the dart up, watch it get stuck in the ceiling, climb onto a pool table with said hockey stick in hand to get it down, and then the dart falls on your head. If you are wondering who on Earth would do such a thing, well – Eric Hill – that’s who! He also *accidentally* set a field on fire (and, when he tried to confess, he got congratulated for alerting the authorities), saved an infant girl from drowning in a pool, and he got sent to a summer camp at which he and the other Counselors-In-Training had an all-out war with the Head Riding Instructor. This is his memoir of his “disastrous” early years (12-16). This is the story that Eric Hill has to tell.

You know, this book has inspired me. It has inspired me to a) make Viking Toast (read the book to find out  ;) ), b) not put rubber cement in burning grills, and c) don’t make fun of Head Riding Instructors’ misfortunes (no matter how funny they are). After reading this book, I am now a smarter boy. I think this is a great memoir – it is very entertaining – and enlightening. It is a great story, totally appropriate for kids of all ages (just don’t try the stuff in the book ;) ). I think boys will especially like to read about Mr. Hill’s disastrous adventures. Mr. Hill’s writing style is playful, and fun to read. I love his writing voice. As a kid myself, I could totally relate to the stuff Mr. Hill did when he was a boy. Um – I mean I would never do anything like the stuff he did. ;)

I give “How to Stick a Dart in Your Head” five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

Book Review! Time Square: The Shift by S.W. Lothian

4 Jun

Happy Wednesday! Guess what I get to do today? I get to tell you that Lacey522 won the Disney prize pack for her daughter!



Congratulations! I will be emailing you for your mailing address! Thank you to Disney Press for supplying the prize!

Now on to today’s review!


Time-Square-The-ShiftTime Square: The Shift
by S.W. Lothian
ebook Published March 29, 12014
estimated 152 pages – ages 8+
Available on Amazon – click HERE

Summary- In 1930, Dr. Rex Hudson made the archaeological discovery of the century! He has found an obelisk that, according to Hiram Bingham (an earlier archaeologist), holds the “secret of time”. While examining the obelisk with his twin children Eva and Lewis (13-years-old), they get sucked inside of it. They are inside Time Square – the center of all time. The Hudson’s soon find out that the obelisk is Time Square, and that they now need to bring it back to Machu Picchu – the place that Dr. Hudson found it. They need to teleport back to where the obelisk is, bring it back to the Incan Temple, and go back home, or else time will be ripped apart! Sounds simple, right? But add in the fact that someone stole the obelisk, and that 100’s of time travelers now stuck in places they never intended to be, and things get even more complicated.


What I thought- When I found out Mr. Lothian was writing another series, I was very happy. I am a fan of his first series – The Quest books – to learn more about them, visit Mr. Lothian’s website HERE).


The first book in his new series didn’t disappoint! First of all – bonus points for a very cool cover!

This was a great book. I think it explains how Time Square works (an idea from one of his QUEST books) very well. I like how it shows a scene from a QUEST book (the characters meeting another character). That was a nice touch. Much like Mr. Lothian’s Quest series, this book is packed with action and humor. I really enjoy his writing style. I think he writes for middle-grade kids very well but all ages will enjoy the story. The plot was fun and it makes the reader want to read more. I did get hung up in a few spots thinking – “well why didn’t they just transport back to such and such a time and fix everything,” but overall I think the plot hung together very well. I like the characters of Eva and Lewis. The other characters in the book are great too and many add a lot of humor to the story. I  am already adding Book 2 (which isn’t out yet) to my TBR list!

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms.fourbooks

Another Day as Emily by Eileen Spinelli

3 Jun

Happy Tuesday! Guess what I get to do today?!? I get to announce that Bluerose (of the Bluerose’s Heart blog) won the giveaway copy of “The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw” by Christopher Healy (Read my review HERE). Congratulations – Josie picked your name out of the hat!!! I will be emailing you to get your mailing address!

HG3 - Final Cover


anotheremilyAnother Day as Emily

by Eileen Spinelli

Illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

240 pages – ages 8+

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers on May 13, 2014

Summary- Suzy Quinn has had enough. Ever since her younger brother, Parker, got called a “hero” in the news (for calling 911 when a neighbor had “a spell”), Suzy has felt unimportant. She and her best friend, Allison, have totally different personalities. Things get even worse when Allison gets a party in a play that they both try out for, but Suzy doesn’t. Suzy feels like she is “nothing.” While taking summer classes with a theme of “The 1800s” at the local library, Suzy chooses Emily Dickinson for a report. After reading about Emily, Suzy thinks that she and Emily have a lot in common. So, she decides to live her life as Emily Dickinson did – to the exact. She changes her name to Emily Dickinson, changes her goldfish’s name from Ottilie to Carlo (Emily Dickinson’s dog), cooks, sews, and writes poems. Suzy Emily even becomes a recluse, not seeing anyone – not even her friends. But does she really want to spend another day as Emily or face all the things bothering her in her life?

What I Thought- This was another great novel-in-verse from Eileen Spinelli. The verse is in a style that I think makes the story read like a diary or journal.  I like how Mrs. Spinelli writes the story so you can really understand how Suzy/Emily feels about the stuff going on in her life. I think Suzy/Emily went a bit over-the-top in handling her problems, but at least it was inventive! ;) The problems Suzy is having is pretty much what a lot of middle school aged kids have and I think it makes the characters more realistic. I thought it was cool to learn a bit about Emily Dickinson too from the story. I’ve heard of her and read some of her poetry, but this story taught me about Emily Dickinson as a person. It was a quick read for me, but the story felt complete when I was done. I think this book is terrific for young advanced readers and middle-grade readers will enjoy reading about characters that are a lot like them.  There are random black and white, small illustrations scattered in the book by Ms. Lew-Vriethoff. They are a nice addition to  the story.

Five out of five bookworms for “Another Day As Emily”!fivebooks

Edmund Pickle Chin Blog Tour ! Great Book – Great Prizes!

2 Jun

It’s a blog tour! Not just any blog tour, but one for a wonderful picture book about an unusual rescue animal. Meet Edmund Pickle Chin!

edmund-cover-600x900 (1)Edmund Pickle Chin
by Clara Bowman-Jahn and Susan April Elwood
Illustrated by Lynne Bendoly
36 pages – ages 4+
Published by eTreasures Publishing 2014

Summary from the publisher- “Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story is based on a true story. Edmund, the main character, is an abused donkey who is the first of many animals to call Evermay Farm, a small rescue in central Georgia, home. Susan, Edmund’s care giver in the story, not only gives the shy donkey the time and patience he needs but gives him a new name every day of the week. The title takes on one of those nicknames she so lovingly calls him. As Susan starts to take in new critters, Edmund finds himself changing. As his name grows, so does his trust and acceptance. Edmund soon learns that he is not only needed but wanted. This confused, frightened donkey’s life changes as he becomes a hero, a babysitter, and a companion to the other residents at Evermay Farm.   “

Today I get to interview the authors of the excellent story, Clara Bowman-Jahn and Susan April Elwood!

First up – Ms. Bowman-Jahn!

Clara Bowman-Jahn author photo(1)

Erik – How did you and Ms. Elwood get connected and decide to write a book together?

Ms. Bowman-Jahn – I know Susan from when our kids were in preschool together and she was a great help to me right after my late husband died. She found me on facebook and we connected around Annie’s Special Day. We started talking about her farm for rescue animals and somehow the topic of writing a picture book about it was brought up. She sent me a synopsis of something she had written and after a lot of work and rounds with my critique groups we had a book.

Erik – Was it hard to write a children’s story that had to tell a tale about abuse of an animal (Edmund) and how scared the animal was without getting too scary for kids?

Ms. Bowman-Jahn – The words had to be chosen with care and were changed several times but the only time we actually say Edmund was abused was in the very beginning.

Erik – I noticed the little girl in the book is named Susan. Is she based on Ms. Elwood?

Ms. Bowman-Jahn – Yes, all the way. Ms Elwoods name is Susan April Elwood. I Just made her a child so  kids could relate.

Erik – What is the next project you are going to tackle?

Ms. Bowman-Jahn – I am busy submitting several picture book manuscripts and writing a memoir. And of course promo and marketing for Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story is taking up a big chunk of time. 

Thank you Ms. Bowman-Jahn! Now lets hear from Ms. Elwood!


Erik – A lot of kids think about rescue animals being dogs or cats (we just adopted a rescue basset hound named Clyde and he is awesome). I like that your book and your farm deals with rescuing all kinds of farm animals. What do you hope kids learn about rescues from your book?

 Ms. Elwood – This is a great questions Erik!  Most children aren’t exposed to the fact that rescues for critters outside of the “ family type pet” exist and are needed, in fact there are rescues for almost every type of animal.

From the book itself, I hope children learn kindness and compassion toward all animals (and each other). Fad pets, such as tea pot pigs and miniature horses are cute and desirable, but when the cost and novelty wear off they often are neglected. My hope is that teachers and parents will go a step further and teach children animals are NOT disposable like an unwanted toy. Responsibility of an animal, is the life span of the critter.

 Erik - How long did it take for Edmund to trust you and feel comfortable at the farm? Is there anything special you did to help him in particular?

 Ms. Elwood - Edmund remains a shy guy. It took a couple months to win him over enough to get him to lift his feet for farrier visits(hoof trimming). He trust me over anyone else but he is still remains cautious.The book tells how I sing to him, sometimes I think he’s prefer I don’t!  Treats (apples, pears) are used to encourage him to be brushed, haltered for vet visits or to give medications when needed. The most important tool is patience and compassion.

 Erik - Did you really name him “Edmund Pedro Pickle Chin Big Head Ed Elwood”? I think that name is awesome, whether you really did or didn’t. :)

 Ms. Elwood – YES, LOL, those REALLY are all his names he collected over time! I am glad you like them and I hope the children will find them entertaining.Each critter here on the farm ends up having multiple names that match their personality and they all have their own song!


The real Edmund (photo from Clara Bowman-Jahn’s blog – click picture to go there.

 Erik - How can people help your rescue if they’d like to?

 Ms. Elwood – Evermay Farm has a Facebook page titled “Evermay Farm”, where pictures of all the critters can be seen. The web page  http://www.evermayfarm.org has a donation link and can be accessed directly or by using the link on the Facebook page. Thank you so much for asking!   

More about the authors- 

Clara Bowman-Jahn worked as a registered nurse for thirty two years finally trading that job for her true love, writing. Clara’s short stories have been published in three anthologies, Campaigner Challenges 2011, The ‘I’ Word and Charms Vol. 2. She is also the author of Annie’s Special Day a children’s picture book. Her second Picture book, a true story, called Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story, is co-authored with Susan April Elwood.

When Clara is not writing, she teaches ESOL to adult students through a library program. She also likes taking long walks with her husband, blogging, and reading books. She is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Julie Hedlunds Picture Book Challenge 12×12, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Making Picture Book Magic; Pennwriters, Bethesda Writer’s Center and Round Hill Writer’s Group. She lives in rural Loudoun County, Virginia with her brilliant husband, and two fat cats. She is the proud mother of two wonderful grown sons and a grandmother to a delightful grandson. 

Contact information for Clara Bowman-Jahn:





Susan April Elwood has worked with children for over twenty years in Northern Virginia as a preschool teacher, kindergarten assistant, and a library assistant. With her passion for animals it made perfect sense to combine the two and write an animal story for children, teaming up with author Clara Bowman-Jahn.

 Susan and her husband Tom moved from Northern Virginia in 2007 to central Georgia where they founded Evermay Farm, a non-profit rescue for farm animals. This is the setting for the book titled, Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story. The story is based on Edmund a donkey, the first of many animals to call Evermay Farm home. Susan and her husband Tom have two treasured sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law and a precious grandson. In her free time, Susan enjoys photographing animals and antiquing.     

Contact information for Susan April Elwood:








Now for the Prizes from the authors!!

Thanks so much for reading Friends! For all friends of Edmund are my friends. Below please find our links and the tour. Read every post, follow the blog and comment for prizes. The reader who follows each blog and comments on each stop of the tour will get first prize. And if there are many winners, hurray! We will deliver!

First prize is a print book of both Annie’s Special Day and Edmund Pickle Chin. Second prize is either a print copy of Edmund or of Annie, you get to pick. Third prize is a copy of the ebook of Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story.



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Guest Book Review! Minnie in Paris by Sheila Sweeny Higginson and a Prize Pack Giveaway!

28 May

Today I have a special guest book reviewer – my little sister Josie! :D

Josie is 10 years old and has her own blog called Animals and Art. You can clock HERE to go THERE.

Josie is here to tell us what she thought about a new book called Minnie in Paris! What is even better, Disney Press is offering a book prize pack for us to give away to one lucky reader! Check out the details at the end of the post!

MinnieinParisMinnie In Paris

 By Sheila Sweeny Higginson

Illustrated by Mike Wall 

40 pages – ages 4+
Published by Disney Press on May 13, 2014

ABOUT THE BOOK (from the publisher)
Fashion is Minnie’s passion! And, as a result, she’s been invited to show her bows on the runways of Paris!




  -MinnieSpread_01 MinnieSpread_4


At the airport, Minnie is so busy taking care of her nieces, Millie and Melody, that she accidentally switches suitcases with Penguini the magician–and finds that his suitcase is full of bunnies instead of bows! Minnie must round up the mischievous little bunnies, find Penguini, and make her bows in time for the show. Will she make it? MinnieSpread_1


Readers are treated to a stunning tour of famous Parisian locations, from the Louvre to Tuilleries Gardens to the Eiffel tower, to a classic Parisian bistro—all in search of Penguini’s bunnies.




This charming hardcover picture book comes with a code to access the Minnie in Paris eBook.

WHAT JOSIE THOUGHT - I really liked the pictures. They are colorful. There were a couple of words I couldn’t read but my dad helped. I liked it when he read it out loud and then I got the ebook and it could read it to me too. The voice was nice on the ebook and it played music. I liked the bunnies and Penguini. I think little kids will learn how to count to ten with the book because Minnie has to find the bunnies and it counts up to ten.  I got to learn some places in Paris like Notre Dame, and the Louvre. I thought the story was great and I love Minnie Mouse. :)

I want to give this book 5 bookworms. fivebooks

Thank you Josie for a great review! Now onto the giveaway!


We get to give away a 5-book prize pack! Just mention in the comment section that you’d like to be in the drawing (sorry only U.S. addresses). Next week on June 3rd, we will announce the winner. We will put all the names in a hat and the winner will be chosen out of the hat by Josie. Here is the description of what the winner gets:

Minnie in Paris is part of a new collection of books from Disney Publishing that includes digital content such as songs, eBooks, iPhones/iPads apps and more. Other titles in this collection include Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast, which includes a code to download the song “All You Desire,” Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Follow that Sound! which includes a code to download the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Shapes and Patterns app, Minnie: Trouble Times Two which includes a code to download the Minnie Bow Maker app and Sofia the First: The Royal Slumber Party which includes a code to download the Sofia the First: Story Theater app.  






For more information on this series, please visit the Minnie in Paris official product page.

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