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Rrrrrrggggle! (The Wesley Series) by Monsieur J and Mister F

30 Jan

wesley Rrrrrrggggle! (The Wesley Series)

By Monsieur J and Mister F

Illustrated by Papaya

139 pages – ages 9+

Available as an ebook

Published by Monsieur J & Mister F on November 10, 2013

Wesley is a 5th grader who just happens to be a zombie. He and his family have just moved to Stuff Falls, and he will go to Stuff Falls Middle School, which is a regular human school. Everyone knows that he’s a zombie, so he makes a friend with a half-zombie (whose mom is human, and dad is zombie), who shrinks every year because of him being half-zombie (I don’t really understand that, so please don’t ask detailed questions ;) ), and is obsessed with acting. He also becomes friends with a young yeti girl. The school bully, a human, is not one of Wesley’s friends, and has challenged him to a hard, deadly game, which will decide if  he will be left alone (or tormented) by the bully for the rest of the school year.


I usually do not accept books about zombies or monsters. It usually isn’t my thing, but I try one every now and again. This is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved this because it didn’t focus on the scary “zombie brain-eater apocalypse” part of zombies. True, the zombies eat organs, but Wesley’s parents eat animal organs, and Wesley is a vegetarian. I love how in the story, zombie is passed via genes (like the half-zombie kid). I like that the story is about a young zombie trying to make friends and fit in. That was pretty funny. I like how Wesley’s dog is allergic to humans. :) The illustrations are cute and cartoon like. They are fun to look at and add to the story. You can see examples above this paragraph, and below it too. The story isn’t really about monsters, it’s about having a good family and good friends. I like how the authors puts a zombie in as the “new kid.” This book is a quick, humorous read, great for reluctant readers, especially boys. I can’t wait for book two!


I give this book 5 out of 5 bookworms! fivebooks

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Creative Kid Thursday – Wonder Reader Faith Jackson!

23 Jan

Today I want you to meet Faith Jackson. She reads like crazy! I applaud Faith, who is 9 years old and read 272 books in 6 months. So all of you that think there aren’t kids who read as much as me, meet Faith! I asked Faith to write an article for my blog about anything of her choice. Faith decided to write about her favorite author, Enid Blyton!!!


You may not have heard of Enid Blyton before, but she was an author and a GREAT one too! Believe it or not she wrote about 800 books!! I haven’t got all of them but, I have read about 65 so far.

A few of the ones she wrote, and that I have read, are;

Shadow The Sheepdogshadow

The Malory Towers Series

The Famous Five Series

The Secret Island Series

The Faraway Tree Series.

 A lot of her books are in series, which is good because if you like one of her books, then there’s another and another and another. She also wrote lots of stand alone books like Hollow Tree House and Those Dreadful Children, these are good too because you get to imagine what could happen in the next one.


Most of her books are based on adventure or animals or magic. If you like magic, then you would enjoy The Faraway Tree or The Wishing Chair. If you enjoy adventure then there’s lots of choice, you could try The Secret Seven,  The Famous Five, the Valley of Adventure or the Secret Island.


 You can meet lots of interesting characters in Enid Blytons books too. In The Children Of Willow Farm there is Tammylan The Wildman, in The Faraway Tree you’ll find characters like Dane Washalot, Mr Whatzisname and The Old Saucepan Man, and there is George (that’s a girl) in The Famous Five.

 Even though Enid Blyton’s last book was published over 50 years ago they are still fun and full of life.

Now that you hear Faith on Enid Blyton, here is a little about Faith,

“Faith is 9 years old and lives in the English countryside, absolutely nowhere near London. She has an always upside down 7-year-old sister, mostly annoying 4 and 5-year-old brothers, 2 tortoiseshell cats and parents who are always telling her to “stop reading and GO TO SLEEP!”.
When Faith doesn’t have her nose in a book she likes karate, gymnastics and learning to play the drums.”

Thanks for stopping by Faith! I know I am going to be checking out some of Enid Blyton’s books!

To learn more about Faith, click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read newspaper articles about her!

Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire by Oliver Chin

13 Jan

beltfireJulie Black Belt (Book 2): The Belt of Fire

By Oliver Chin

Illustrated by Charlene Chua

Published by Immedium on October 8, 2013

32 pages – ages 4+

The Julie Black Belt books are a series of early reader books about a young girl and her quest – her quest to become a black belt – a black belt in Kung-Fu! But little does Julie know that it takes a long time to become a black belt…

In book one (The Kung Fu Chronicles, Immedium 2007), Julie joins a Kung-Fu school, but is surprised it is so hard – after all, she mastered Kung-Fu in several video-games. Should be easy, right? Will Julie ever become a black belt?kungfuchron

In book two (The Belt of Fire), Julie is working towards her orange belt in Kung Fu. She is the best student in the class, but a new kid shows up. Julie is jealous of her new classmate (a boy) because he is very good at Kung-Fu. They both try to prove to the other that they are great. But, when the teacher puts them together for a project, can they work together?

This is a great series! They are a perfect reading level for younger kids who are reading by themselves. I also think it is a great story book for parents to read to kids because the illustration are fantastic. They are very cartoon-y, and are perfect for young kids.


I love the message in both books – never give up, the best things in life aren’t easy, teamwork always works, and teachers are great. :) Julie is a good-hearted girl who you can easily relate to – she wants to be a black belt, not a white belt. I like that it shows how hard it is to get different belts in the martial arts (just FYI I am now up to a blue belt in jujitsu and a green belt in karate and I have my black belt in TaeKwon-Do – so I know it’s hard ;) ). I think it’s cool that the main character is a girl. There are a lot of girls in my martial arts classes. The story isn’t just about martial arts, but more about being your best and working hard to get what you want. The Julie Black Belt books are a GREAT series for kids!

I give this book and series 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

To learn more about the Julie Black Belt series, please visit the official website HERE.

ChinAlive by Bob Jonas

8 Jan

YAY! I have a 2-hour late start to school today! :D WOOOO!!! :lol: Not as good as a day off, but I’ll take it. :)


By Bob Jonas

255 pages -ages 14+

Published by Vagabond Librarian Publishing on April 17, 2013

Summary – 15-year-old Charlie Evers was warned about the internet censors in China. He’d lived there most of his life (since he was 5, and before that, he was an American citizen) and he had learned a lot about China/Chinese culture in those ten years. He also learned that living in China is much different than in America. He got carried away on a research project, and he ended up touching illegal topics on the internet because of his curiosity. Charlie’s dad is “away for work” but his mom is worried. Next thing Charlie knew, the police were knocking on their door and he and his mom were questioned. Charlie thought that was pretty rough but then he was kidnapped by a group he was researching on the internet! His kidnappers promise Charlie that they will reunite him with his dad. They take him up the Yangtze River to the middle part of China. What he learns changes his life forever. Charlie finds that his mom has also been taken and that his dad is somehow involved with the rebel group hat kidnapped him. Charlie learns that there is a revolution going on in China, but right now, Charlie is just hoping to stay alive and find his parents.

What I think – This is a super-fueled adventure! The book is set in 2008 when the China had the summer Olympics. I love the setting because I learned a lot and it is about a part of the world, I don’t read very much about. I love Mr. Jonas’ writing style. The plot he came up with has a lot of obstacles and that made it fun to read.

HERE IS A MAJOR SPOILER SO DON’T READ THIS PART IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! I only had one little problem with the plot. It was the way Charlie was kidnapped and treated before being reunited with his dad. Charlie’s dad is a high-ranking member of the rebel force trying to change China for the better, so I don’t get why he was treated so badly when they were bringing him to his dad. Another kid character stumbled onto the rebel plot and he was just told to keep quiet. Plus I thought Charlie’s dad would have been ANGRY about the whole thing, but it was like that’s just the way it is, that part seemed kind of forced, but that was only a minor point.

OKAY YOU CAN READ AGAIN :P I like how there is an educational touch to the whole story. On Mr. Jonas’ website, I learned that he lived and taught in China and you can tell that he is very knowledgeable about the country.  I learned what an EXPAT was, about the Chinese culture and how the Chinese government operates. I loved learning about the Yangtze river and some of the geography of China. Charlie is a character you come to care for. He is a nice kid, thrust into a big situation. He handles it pretty well, once he got past the whole “You kidnapped me, to save me?”. You can understand how he feels. He seems like a typical American kid and is a believable character. This book is rated as a YA book, but I thought the action and violence in it was no more than you read in some of the The 39 Clues books or the Alex Rider series (some characters die but in a justified way and it is not graphic), but there is quite a bit of cussing. I think if Mr. Jonas took out some of that, the book would be great for younger kids too.

I am definitely putting this one on my read-again shelf in my bookcase.

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms.fourbooks

To learn more about Mr. Jonas and his other books, please visit his website HERE.

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Spirit Animals Book 2: Hunted by Maggie Stiefvater

7 Jan

Today is NO SCHOOL TUESDAY! Thanks to -7F (-23F with wind chill) temperatures my school is closed!

So I guess I will review a book! :)

This one is released TODAY! I was lucky to get an ARC of it. It is from a new(ish) series by Scholastic called Spirit Animals. It is in the format of The 39 Clues, different authors continue the story. I love The 39 Clues and seeing where the different authors take the story. I really enjoyed the first book of the Spirit Animals series (see my review HERE). Book 1 was by Brandon Mull (Fablehaven author) who is one of my favorite authors. The second book in the series is out today!

huntedSpirit Animals Book 2: Hunted

By Maggie Stiefvater

192 pages – ages 8+

Published by Scholastic Inc. on January 7, 2014

In book 1, four kids have come of age and are allowed to drink from the Nectar of Ninani and see if they get a Spirit Animal. Conor, Meilin, Abeke, and Rollan each summon one of the Four Fallen Great Beasts.

In Book 2, Abeke has joined the Greencloaks (the good-guys), but is still untrusted by Meilin, Conor, and Rollan. With good reason, of course – she did, at first, fight for the enemy (the Conquerors). When they hear word of Rumfuss the Boar (a Great Beast) and his talisman (an object that could turn the tides for the Greencloaks against the Conquerors, or vice versa) being up north, the four kids and the Four Great Beasts (their spirit animals; Abeke’s, Uraza the Leopard; Meilin’s, Jhi the Panda; Conor’s, Briggan the Wolf; and Rollan’s, Essix the Falcon), along with teacher Tarik and guide Finn, plan to find Rumfuss and get the talisman peacefully. But there is a twist. There are some new enemies abroad…

This is a great second book to this series. Ms. Stiefvater really did this book very well. I like her writing style so much that I hunted (no pun intended) down her other books! :) Sadly she is mostly a YA author and my parents think the books are a bit too old for me, but I am adding her books to my list of books I want to read when I am older! I love how Ms. Stiefvater goes into depth about what Jhi’s and Essix’s powers are and how they are used. That was very cool. I like how Ms. Stiefvater kept me on the edge of my seat with lots of action and a story that was interesting and fun. I couldn’t put the book down, literally, I read this book in one afternoon. :) The book also goes into depth about the Bile (A form of the Nectar of Ninani that gives the caller all of  the power) and what it does. I like Abeke. She is a great character. Conor’s cool too. Can’t wait for Book 3!

The online game is really great. I usually don’t get into online games (although I love The 39 Clues game too), but Josie and I both enjoy playing this one. You can train your spirit animal and go on missions with them. :) Try it HERE.


I give “Hunted” 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks

Taylor Davis and the Clash of Kingdoms by Michelle Isenhoff

6 Jan

Let me start the New Year off right with a review of a great book!  :D

taylordavisbook2_cover_600x900Taylor Davis and the Clash of Kingdoms

By Michelle Isenhoff

244 pages – ages 9+ (ebook reviewed)

Published by CreateSpace on January 1, 2014

Taylor Davis is back, along with Elena Camila Velasquez Cartahena, and their guardian angels/agents, Mike (short for Amikim) and Ranofur! They need to save the world from chaos and destruction, before a third World War erupts! The team is sure that Bartholomew Swain (a horrible pirate who ate a rotten piece of fruit from the Tree of Life who they thought they got rid of in the first book – Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul  – see my review HERE) is behind several hypnotized students, friends of Taylor, who have tried to beat him up, but they have no proof. The trouble isn’t just at Taylor’s school though. The whole world is going wonky. When the European Union, British Parliament, and the United Nations erupt in violence, Taylor knows something very bad is up. How will he and his team stop it – whatever it is?

This was a great second book in the Taylor Davis trilogy. I love how Mrs. Isenhoff writes an exciting adventure appropriate for middle grade kids.  The action kept me on the edge of my seat and the story kept me wanting to read more. Taylor and Elena are great characters that I enjoy reading about. I love the mix of angels/villains/humans in the series. Taylor seemed to have changed at the end of the book, more mature, I think, but in a good way. I guess saving the world will do that to a character! I like the sounds (but not the looks) of Simgali the Trickster – very interesting character.   Mrs. Isenhoff writing style gave me a great picture of the story without being dragged down with too many details. It made the book enjoyable to read. I could have done without the tad bit of romance (Elena has a boyfriend, and a thing at the end of the book), but that’s just me. ;)

I give this book five out of five bookworms! fivebooks

To learn more about Mrs. Isenhoff and her other books, please click HERE.

To find where to buy Taylor Davis 2 – click HERE.

Talonridge (MageFable #2) by Heimdall Thunderhammer

21 Dec


By Heimdall Thunderhammer

216 pages – ages 8+

Published by Eagershelm Publishing on August 26, 2013

The adventure started in book 1, MageFable, continues! Durbin, the mouse protector, Clove, the mouse mage, Morro, the slinging hedgehog, Reverie, the songbird whose singing has great effects, and Bailey, the squirrel warrior, are back in their quest to bring Clove to all of the Elementals so she can become a geomancer. They go to find a temple for one of the Elementals at Talonridge. There is a problem though – Talonridge is ruled by tyrannic hawks. The friends pledge to help the enslaved critters while defeating all of  the hawks and getting Clove her magic power. But, sadly, the heroic critters are greatly outnumbered!

I loved the first book in this series (MageFable – see my review HERE) because it reminded me of Redwall by Brian Jacques, but I also thought the book was unique in its own way. Talonridge didn’t disappoint me! This book has a great plot that kept my interest. The action and adventure is great for any age. I love how all of the fighting isn’t gory or graphic, or too detailed. That makes it better for younger kids. Durbin is a nice character who you come to know pretty well. Clove is an awesome character and you get to care a lot about her. The black and white illustrations are done well and are a great addition to the story. They have a cartoon-y feel to them and I like to see what the characters look like. I think Mr. Thunderhammer is a great author who writes  this story well. I can’t wait for Book 3!

I give Talonridge five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

To learn more about the This Series, please visit the official website by clicking HERE.

Erik’s Christmas Picks 2013

9 Dec

Happy  Monday! :D

Well it isn’t a whole day off of school, but I will be happy for the 2 hour delay we got today! :)

Today I have some fun Christmas books to tell you about! All of these books make my 5 out of 5 bookworm list!


thevisitThe Visit: The Origin of “The Night Before Christmas”

By Mark Kimball Moulton

Illustrated by Susan Winget

54 pages – ages 5+

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (October 28, 2013)

A mother and her children visit their grandfather, who tells them the true story behind The Night Before Christmas. Author Clement C. Moore, who on Christmas Eve, promised to tell his daughter a new Christmas story. He came up with “The Night Before Christmas.” The whole story was inspired by a trip  to town that night!

The true story about The Night Before Christmas should be in every household! It is based on the true story of how the classic “The Night Before Christmas” came about. The story was passed down through the Moore family and the author was told the story by Dinghy Sharp, the great-great-granddaughter of Mr. Moore. It is a great book, and you learn a bit about the time when it was written. I think this is a great Christmas book and an interesting part of history. The illustrations in this edition are beautiful and add a lot to the story.

Visit Schiffer publishing HERE.

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SMURFSxmasCover-216x300The Smurfs Christmas

Written and Illustrated by Peyo

56 pages – ages 7+

Published by Papaercutz on October 1, 2013

When Gargamel (who has been very bad, as normal) is ordered to deliver the Smurfs’ Christmas presents to their tree (where Santa usually hangs their presents) outside of the forest by Santa, or else Gargamel will be turned into a worm, the Smurfs find some kindness in their hearts to bring Gargamel, their supreme enemy, some presents themselves!

This is a very cute Papercutz Smurf Graphic Novel. I like the other comics (bonus adventures) in it too, at the back. The snowman one was nice. :) The Smurfs are always good for a quick, funny read on a sunny or a rainy day! I think reluctant readers will love this Graphic Novel series!

Find the book!

On Amazon - on the Papercutz website HERE!


Christmas SpiritKat McGee and the School of Christmas Spirit

A Kat McGee Adventure

By Rebecca Munsterer

Illustrated by Georgianna Manderioli

122 pages – ages 8+

Published by In This Together Media on November 14, 2013

Kat is the middle child in a family with 7 kids. All of her brothers and sisters are amazing and talented and Kat is… boring. So Kat is surprised when, out of all of them, she is chosen to attend the School of Christmas Spirit, run by Mrs. Claus herself (whom her grandmother, surprisingly went to high school with)! At the school, Kat uncovers a plot to ruin Santa and Christmas! Is it too late to save Santa from a terrible fate?

This is a cute story about a girl who thinks she’s a “loser” saving Santa and Christmas. I really like the idea of the School of Christmas Spirit. I would like to attend it. :) I think that the plot is fun and the story is well written. It is a great book for younger boys and girls wanting a fun story about Christmas.

The story itself is 84 pages but the whole book is 135. The second part of this book has a bunch of activities and a reading guide. There are also discussion questions parents can use to talk to their kids about subjects like self-esteem.

A really cool thing in the activity part of this book is a recipe for Candyfruit created by Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio and Umber Ahmad from the Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery in New York City. Click HERE to visit their website.

Find the book! GoodreadsOfficial WebsiteAmazonFacebook

Find Ms. Munsterer on Twitter HERE.
Find In This Together Media on Twitter HERE.

xmasprojectThe Christmas Project

By Nicola Palmer

78 pages – ages 8+ (ebook reviewed)

Published by Kallisto on November 25, 2013

Billy Neale, and all of his town, was sick of the snow. That may surprise you, since it was almost Christmas, but the snow had started in September, and didn’t melt at all since then (It usually doesn’t snow until December-ish). Plus there are a bunch Christmas decorations showing up out of nowhere – with NO footprints in the snow to track the culprits! Plus, there are those neighbors across the street who showed up in September – with the snow… Billy knows there is something really weird going on. Billy decides to take matters into his own hands and figure out what is going on!

Ms. Palmer is the author of the Alice Parker series that I really enjoy. This is the second Christmas book I’ve read of hers. This new Christmas book from Nicola Palmer is a fun, thrilling, suspenseful adventure, with everything from snow-storms to aliens! How Ms. Parker combines Christmas, mystery and aliens is great! Billy is a great character – very kind and considerate, and is determined to figure out a problem. I really ended up caring for him as a character. The ending is great, but kind of a cliffhanger. I hope Ms. Palmer makes a sequel. I really enjoyed this story. :) I think kids with a great imagination will find this book a fun read.

Find the book on Amazon HERE!

Find Ms. Parker on Twitter HERE.

Her blog HERE.

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Guest Book Review by Josie! Color Book for Nerdlings by Sean McMenemy

23 Nov

Today I have a special kid guest reviewer, my sister Josie! :D

She is reviewing a coloring book (because she is the artist in the family) but it is not just any ordinary coloring book, as you will find out!

But first – I forgot to announce the winner of “The Perfect Thanksgiving” yesterday, so I will announce it today!


The winner is…

RHYTHM The Library Lab! :D YAY! Congratulations Rhythm! :) I will be sending your book out to you!

Click HERE to go to Rhythm’s blog.

Now on to Josie’s review!



Color Book for Nerdlings

by Sean McMenemy

Different page length – ages 6+

Published by Sean McMenemy

This isn’t a regular book. It is a book on the computer and it is a coloring book. You print out the pages you want. That is nice because you can print new ones out if you want to do them again.

I made some planets and rocket ships (there are ray guns too). They were cool. I made planets that go together. You can cut them out. There were big lines so you don’t go out of them.


What was really cool was the big ones. There were rockets and space controls. I wanted to do a space control panel. I didn’t see what it was at first then my mom showed me how to put it together. IT WAS HUGE! I was surprised at how big it was. It printed on 20 pages.


It took me a while to color it but it was fun. One night my whole family sat on the floor and colored together. That was fun.

I liked how it came out.


I like spaceships and rockets, and aliens but I am not a nerd. Erik says he is a nerd (he likes being a nerd – isn’t that weird?). Erik liked this book too so the book is good for nerds and not nerds. :)

I think it is a great book and should get 5 book worms. fivebooks

Thank you Josie! I thought your control panel came out AWESOME! You can try out some free downloads of coloring pages at Mr. McMenemy’s website.

Check out the Color Book 4 Nerdlings HERE.

Buy the coloring book downloads HERE.

Learn more about Mr. McMenemy on his about page HERE.

Like Mr. McMenemy on Facebook HERE.

Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F.T. Bradley Review and Giveaway!

21 Oct

Happy Monday!

Time for a Reading for Renn update!

That’s right, 84 points! I also have a couple of books I am taking tests on today (Its Halloween and I’m Turning Green by Dan Gutman, Bluffton by Matt Phelan, Escape from Mr. Lemonchello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein and Harriet the Spy By Louise Fitzhugh). I had a busy weekend of reading! WOO!


Now on to today’s review PLUS I get to give away a copy of this great Middle Grade book! Read to the end to see how  to enter!


Double Vision: Code Name 711

By F.T. Bradley

256 pages – ages 8+

Series: Double Vision

Published by HarperCollins on October 15, 2013

Linc Baker didn’t want to be a spy, he wanted to be just a regular kid. When he was recruited by a top-secret agency, Pandora, he was kind of annoyed. Luckily, he completed the mission, saved the world, blah blah blah, and he was called out of action. Well, he was out of action until now. When a secret agent steps out of a black car and asks for Linc, he knows Pandora is looking for him to go on another mission. To make matters worse, Linc is on the same case as agent Benjamin Green, an agent that looks exactly like Linc but is totally annoying and no friend to Linc.  Linc flies out to Washington D.C. to get his mission. Apparently, George Washington’s coat makes the wearer invincible and the coat has gone missing. A villain named “Dagger” plans to kill the president while wearing the coat. Linc and Ben need to find it, but they hate each other. They do what any two feuding agents would do. They make it a competition. Linc finds an ally in Amy, the president’s daughter. Together Linc and Amy set out to stop Dagger, save the president, and show up Ben.

Code Name 711 is the second book in the Double Vision Trilogy. Double Vision (Published in October 2012). doublevisionThe books do not have to be read in order because I was completely into this story even though I didn’t read the first book in the series (although Double Vision is now on my must read list). I really liked this book. Ms. Bradley writes an adventure story that is exciting and interesting and totally appropriate for middle grade readers. I love that it takes place Washington DC and that it involves history a little bit. Linc is an awesome character. He is very realistic and believable as a kid. I like that he has the assignment to guard the FIrst Daughter (Amy) and that they make a good team in trying to defeat Dagger. The idea of two people looking exactly alike (Linc and Ben) and that they hate each other is hysterical.  I like the idea of the “Dangerous Doubles” in the book (things in history that have a magical power that had to have a copy made to make it less suspicious). Ms. Bradley has a great writing style and wrote a thrilling spy adventure for kids. I can’t wait to read Book 1, and then, I’ll wait for Book 3!


I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms!

To learn more about the Double Vision series, please visit the book’s official website HERE!

Visit Ms. Bradley’s website HERE or follow her on Twitter @FTBradleyAuthor.


One lucky commenter’s name will be chosen out of a hat by my sister Josie on October 26th. I will announce the winner on October 27th. To enter, tell me what code name you would use if you were a secret agent (or you could just say I REALLY want to win this book if you can’t think of a good code name).

Thank you for reading my blog!


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