Month: March 2011


Amazing Cows By Sandra Boynton Ages 1+ 89 pages Published by Workman in 2010 Sandra Boynton does it again! She has written an Udderly MOOvelous book! This book is filled with hilarious jokes, stories, riddles and songs about COWS!! One of my favorites is “The… Read More ›

A Lego a Day

OK technically this really isn’t about books, it’s about LEGOs (my second favorite thing). And -well- Dan Phelps is giving away a BOOK with his photos of LEGO figures in all sorts of places in a contest (so there is a… Read More ›


Smile By Raina Telegeimer 224 Pages Ages 9+ Published in 2010 by GRAPHIX Raina had to get braces on her front teeth because she tripped and fell on her 2 front teeth. 1 tooth fell out, and 1 tooth was jammed up… Read More ›