The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Did you realize there is much more to the story of Robin Hood other than him being a guy who stole from the rich to give to the poor? How did Robin Hood get his name? Did you know Robin Hood was an Uncle? How did he get his band of Merry men?

This book explains how Robin Hood got to be Robin Hood. In 1883 Howard Pyle (who happens to be from Delaware!) put together many traditional Robin Hood stories and made them into this complete book about Robin Hood.

By: Howard Pyle

Published in 2008 by: A.C. Bryan

330 pages – ages 12+

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Our Review

I think the best part of the book is when Robin Hood had a feast with the Bishop of Hereford and the 5 friars and Howard Pyle wrote that “ it was a glorious feast but since he (Mr. Pyle) wasn’t invited” he couldn’t tell us what happened there -I think this was a funny joke the author played on the readers!

The book was a challenge for me to read because it was written in old English so many of the words (thou, ye) were unfamiliar to me and it is written on a harder level -that’s why I gave the age as 12+. BUT -it shouldn’t keep you from reading it.

I am happy I did because now think I know the language better AND I really liked the story of Robin Hood Mr. Pyle told. Some of the stories were funny, and all of them were interesting with some action and adventure!