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Knee-Knock Rise

30 Jun

Knee-Knock Rise

By Natalie Babbitt

Ages 9-12 – 144 pages

Published in 2007 by Square Fish (originally published in 1970)

Egan was visiting his Aunt, Uncle and cousin (Ada) in the town of Instep. Instep is the closest town to Knee-Knock rise, a mountain where the people of Instep say a monster (the Megrimum) lives. When Ada teased Egan and dared him to climb to the top on Knee-Knock mountain. which no on had EVER done, Egan got mad and he and his Uncle’s dog started to climb. Egan was afraid of what they would find at the top…..the Megrimum! Egan discovers the secret of the Megrimum and tells the townspeople but they think he is lying.

Knee-Knock rise won the Newberry Honor book award in 1971. My teacher gave everyone in our third grade class a copy of this book as an end of year present. When I first started reading this book, I really didn’t like it (it was very creepy and I didn’t like the characters at first) but kept reading to give it a chance. I am happy I read the whole story because it turned out to be pretty good. It is an easy book to read. Michelle Isenhoff of the Bookworm Blather blog told me that Tuck Everlasting is one of her favorite books and I just realized it is by the same author so I think I’ll try that book too!

I give Knee-Knock Rise 3 out of 5 book worms.

Vordak the Incomprehensible: How to Grow Up and Rule the World – or a how-to book every child should have

28 Jun

Vordak the Incomprehensible: How to Grow Up and Rule the World

By  Vordak T. Incomprehensible (transcribed by Scott Seegert)

Illustrated by John Martin

Published in 2010 by Egmont

208 pages – Ages 9-12

Are you mean, evil, ruthless…. all of the above? If you said “yes” to any of these then answer this question: Would you rather take over the world or just lay around while someone else does? Wait don’t answer yet! I know what you will pick – Rule the world! Even I pick “rule the world” and I’m a nice guy!

In this book Vordak the Incomprehensible reveals everything you need to plan to take over the world MWAHAHAHAHAHA! You will learn how to pick your evil name, put together your evil lair and put your evil plan of world domination into place. Just take a look at the table of contents!

Who could ask for anything more?!?

This book is HILARIOUS!! The book makes it seem like an actual evil villan (Vordak) wrote it but really Scott Seegert did. The book was fun to read and would be good for some kids who maybe aren’t too interested in reading (but maybe want to take over the world, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!) The illustrations are cool and detailed. Some parents might not “get” the humor about telling kids how to take over the world, but it is not at all violent, it’s just funny! I don’t know how I didn’t find this book sooner, it came out in 2010, but I am glad I found it!

You can learn more about Vordak by visiting his site (click on his picture)

PLUS Vordak’s next book -Vordak the Incomprehensible: Rule the School  is due to come out  August 23 of 2011! Pre-order a copy HERE!

I give this book 5 out of 5 glorious book worms OF DOOOOOOOM!

Now excuse me….I have to go work on my world domination plan……

ATTENTION 39 Clues Fans!! Book release dates for Cahills vs. Vespers!!

26 Jun

We don’t have to wait much longer for the next exciting book in the 39 Clues series!

The first book in the Cahills vs. Vespers series, “The Medusa Plot” by Gordon Korman comes out August 30, 2011!

You can pre-order a copy today HERE!

This is the schedule for the next books to come out;

Book 2 by Jude Watson -December 6th, 2011

Book 3 by Peter Lerangis -March 27th, 2012

Book 4 by Roland Smith -August 28th, 2012

Book 5 by Linda Sue Park -December 4, 2012

Book 6 by David Baldacci -March 26th, 2013

What a great list of authors! Plus more exciting news! The movie company DreamWorks has bought the film rights to make a 39 CLUES MOVIE! I’ll let you know when I know more about this!

Visit the 39 Clues official website to learn more about the 39 Clues.

Speed Racer – The Great Plan

23 Jun

Speed Racer – The Great Plan

By Chase Wheeler

Published in 2008 by Grosset & Dunlap

144 pages -Ages 6-9

Speed wanted to help Pops build a new engine for the Mach 5 racecar by winning $5,00o.00 in a car race. What Speed didn’t know was that the other drivers in the race didn’t really care about winning, they just wanted to stop Speed and steal the secret plans for designing the Mach 5. Can Speed’s friends, Trixie, Sparky, Spritle and Chim Chim help Speed fight off the enemy “racers” and finish the race in one piece?!?

This book is the first book in the Speed Racer series put out by  Grosset & Dunlap (I think there are 6 in all). This book was good for a couple of reasons. First the black and white illustrations are pretty cool. Second there is a bonus story at the end of the book. Third it’s a good story, but I do wish there was more to the story. I think the book would have been better if there were more details in the story. I think it is an excellent book for advanced young readers. Most places has the age range for the book as 9-12 but I think it is a book for younger kids, like 6-9. I think I will give the other books in the series a try.

I give this book 3 out of 5 book worms!

Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill – A Great Children’s Book with a Great Message

21 Jun

Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill

By Lynda Wurster Deniger

Illustrated by Paulette Ferguson

Published in 2011 by HIS Publishing Co.

36 pages – Ages 1-8

Salty Seas is a shrimp boat that sails in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. Salty and Captain Charlie were about to go out fishing when they heard an announcement over the radio, there was an explosion on the Deep Water Horizon, an oil drilling rig, and a huge oil spill happened. Salty and Charlie’s friend, Dottie Dolphin escaped the oil by swimming out of the area, but their other friend’s Sammy Seagull and Patti Pelican were not so lucky. As Sammy and Patti searched for food in the Gulf, they got covered in oil! Now it was up to Salty and Charlie to get the oily birds to wildlife agents for help!

This book is great because it deals with a real life disaster. It also shows kids how people can work together to solve the problems that happen. It tells the story of the Gulf oil spill in a way that isn’t too scary for small kids and it also teaches them how the wildlife was rescued and helped after the accident. There is also a part in the back of the book that tells you about the International Bird Rescue Research Center and the good work they do. There is a read along CD in the back of the book that also has a sing along song. My sister who is just learning to read really liked the CD because it made it easy for her to follow the story and she liked the song too. Besides teaching kids about an environmental disaster, it’s also a good story and the illustrations are great! You can learn more about Salty Seas and his friends by clicking HERE!

Check out this other Salty Seas adventure!

Salty Seas and His Heroic Friends

By Lynda Wurster Deniger

Illustrated by Paulette Ferguson

Published in 2010 by HIS Publishing Co.

32 pages – Ages 1-8

When Captain Charlie falls overboard Salty was on “automatic pilot” and couldn’t turn around to help him. Salty’s friends, Sammy Seagull, Dottie Dolphin and Patti Pelican must now race to Salty and help Captain Charlie!

This was the first book about Salty Seas. It has a great story of how friends come together to help someone in need. This book also comes with a read along CD with a sing along song. It’s a great story for younger kids with awesome illustrations!

I give both of the books 5 out of 5 books worms!

Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

Today is Father’s Day and to celebrate my Dad and I started reading “White Fang” by Jack London. White Fang was my Dad’s favorite book when he was growing up. I’ll let you know what I think of it when we’re done reading it!

The Mystic Phyles -Beasts

16 Jun

The Mystic Phyles -Beasts

By Stephanie Brockway

Illustrated by Ralph Masiello

Publication date July 1, 2011 by  Charlesbridge Publishing (pre-release copy reviewed)

137 pages – Age 9-12

13 year-old Abigail Thaddeus didn’t fit into any groups at school. She wasn’t a jock, band geek, or bully. She wasn’t even a nerd and definitely not a Britney (the very popular cool girls who think they’re really pretty). Her life living with her over-protective grandfather and kooky grandmother was kind of boring. She would have felt like a total looser if it weren’t for her one friend, Charley. One day her life changed when she gets a mysterious letter from someone who claims that he is her “devoted friend”. The letter challenges her to learn all she can about mythical beasts (like gryphons, phoenixes and mermaids). With the help of Charlie she begins to research and discover all she can about every mythological beast she can think of but she has to do it without anyone discovering what she and Charley are up to.

I thought this book was cool from the moment I got it. The book is Abigail’s “scrapbook” of her findings, pictures, research notes and kind of a diary too. The pages are formatted in a really neat way that keeps you wanting to read the next note or entry. The pages are colorful and the illustrations are cool. You have to see them to really get the idea.


©2011 Stephanie Brockway and Ralph Masiello

©2011 Stephanie Brockway and Ralph Masiello

Even without the neat format of the book, the story was really good. I liked Abigail. The book has some pretty funny parts too. I  hope to read more about Abigail in the future. My favorite beast in the book was the Barguest. After you read the book, tell me what yours is!
The book is released on July 1st but you can pre-order a copy today!!
I give The Mystic Phyles -Beasts 5 out of 5 book worms!

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14 Jun

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13 Jun


By Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quentin Blake  

Published in 1998 by Puffin

208 pages -Ages 9-12

Sophie was an orphan with a pretty boring life. That is until she was kidnapped by the B.F.G. (the Big Friendly Giant)! “A big friendly giant?!?”, you may be asking yourself! Well, yes! He is different from all the other giants. First of all the other giants re much bigger than the BFG and secondly the BFG doesn’t eat people like the other giants. Sophie ends up living with the BFG and she convinces the BFG they have to stop the other -GIANT- giants from eating people and this starts an exciting adventure!

The BFG is exciting, amazing and rocks (E.A.R.)! (OH- the BFG also has HUGE ears).

I recommend the book to everyone. It is good for advanced young readers because it isn’t too scary and it is a great story. Kids of all ages and adults will like the story.

I give The BFG four out of five book worms!

Review of The Rogue Crew: A Tale of Redwall and a tribute to Brian Jacques

10 Jun

The Rogue Crew: A Tale of Redwall

By Brian Jacques Illustrated by Sean Rubin

Published in 2011 by Philomel

400 pages -Ages 12+

Brian Jacques 1939-2011

What would you do if a ship on wheels was coming to take over your house? Well, the animals at Redwall Abbey are faced with that very problem! In The Rogue Crew, Brian Jacques introduces us to the evil Razzid Wearat. Razzid is the terrible pirate whose ship, the Greenshroud, can sail on the water AND on land! Razzid and his evil band are planning to “sail” right to the doors of Redwall Abbey and take over, destroying everything in their path! When the Long Patrol Hares hear of Razzid’s plan they travel to the High North Coast and meet up with the Rogue Crew Otters and together they plan to stop the most evil enemy Redwall has ever seen!

If you are not familiar with the Redwall series you should read some if not all of the books. There are 23 books in the series (and one cookbook – see my review) and although I haven’t read them all (yet), the first book in the series is my favorite. The Rogue Crew is the last book released and sadly Mr. Jacques died earlier this year. The Redwall books give great descriptions about the places and the animals in the stories. I read on Mr. Jacques official website that he wrote the original Redwall book for children at a school for the blind in Liverpool England (where he was from) and that he made the descriptions of the story so real so the blind children could “see” the story.  I know he made Redwall seem real to me.

The books are meant for kids a little older because some of the villans are kind of scary and pretty evil. Some of the animals die and that might make some kids scared but the stories are really cool!

I give The Rogue Crew 5 out of 5 book worms and recommend the other Redwall books too!

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