Review! The Flying Burgowski by Gretchen K. Wing

The Flying Burgowski
  • Pages: 254
  • Ages: 12+
  • Published by: Gretchen K Wing on February 25, 2014


14-year-old Jocelyn Burgowski knew her life was terrible. She actually preferred her flying dreams to her real-life – getting lost in her thoughts about flying.

On her next birthday, amazingly, she CAN fly! She just leaps into the air and all of a sudden, her life was perfect!

Her jerk of a brother was leaving to live with their alcoholic Mom (on the main land) for the summer, she got his job, and now she really could fly!

Perfect… not so much. She finds out that she’ll be going to stay with her Mom too. In the very crowded city!

This means little open spaces and no room to fly and right next to all the problems she thought she was leaving behind.

The Flying Burgowski by Gretchen K. Wing - Our Review

What I Thought

This was a really good book! Jocelyn is a great main character whom you really feel for!

Her life is extremely miserable and depressing, you just want to cheer her on especially when she realizes she can fly.

The characters in the book cuss, but Jocelyn, because she is “writing” the book, translates/censors some of them. 

The family has some troubles – the mom is mentioned to have at some point been a druggie and alcoholic, but is (mostly) clean now.

Despite these depressing points, the book has a positive feel, a happy ending and the story never seems to drag.

Ms. Wing’s writing style is realistic, and feels like a written journal. She makes you feel like there is no hope left for Jocelyn, and then suddenly adds rays of hope.

Bonus points for a cool cover!

I hope that there is a second book, but this could be a stand alone novel.

I give this 4 out of 5 bookworms.