Review! Fart Squad by Seamus Pilger

19 Jul

fartFart Squad

Written by Seamus Pilger

Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

112 pages – ages 6+

Published by HarperCollins on April 21, 2015

Synopsis- Darren Stonkadopolis’ packed lunch was missing. And he arrived late to the lunchroom, which meant that he had to eat the infamous lunch five-bean burrito. That was bad enough. But then the gas was passed. Now Darren, and some other classmates who had to eat the burritos, have super-fart powers. They must learn to harness the power in their guts to save the town from an ancient cursed Golden Scratcher!

What I Thought- This was a funny book. I mean, seriously? It’s a book about kids with special farting super-powers! What’s not to love?! Darren is a great main character. He has problems of his own, but he overlooks them for the sake of his hilariously-named town (Buttzville!!!). The story actually makes sense (or would that be “scents”? 😉 ), in a weird way. Plus, some of the names are hilarious! – Harry Buttz, Tina Heiney, Nurse Rancid, etc. I don’t really understand why the janitor becomes their “scent-sei” (teaching them how to harness their powers), but that may be just me. Mr. Pilger has written a book that younger readers will love to read (especially if they’ve been struck with a bad case of gas)! This is a really great book that will get reluctant readers reading!

I give this book four out of five bookworms.fourbooks

6 Responses to “Review! Fart Squad by Seamus Pilger”

  1. rnewman504 July 19, 2015 at 8:08 pm #

    Humor sounds along the lines of Captain Underpants. Might be a fun bedtime read. Great review, Erik!


  2. Catherine Johnson July 19, 2015 at 8:33 pm #

    This is the perfect subject for my two.


  3. Dr Niamh July 21, 2015 at 8:31 am #

    Not my favourite subject, but if kids like it and find it funny, that’s what counts! Anything to get them reading.


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