Creative Kid Thursday! Meet Bridget and the Books!

Today is  another edition of Creative Kid Thursday!

I want to introduce you to a fellow kid-reviewer – Bridget Smith

I found Bridget on Twitter when she was running a giveaway and I hopped over to check out her blog – Bridget and the Books  and you should too!

Bridget is a 9 year-old, 4th grade student who  is a self-described penguin-phile and book lover.

What made you want to start a blog?​When I was in first grade, a classmate’s sister’s best friend had a vlog so popular that it even has an app, Cookieswirl. I wanted a vlog but my mom decided a blog would be easier.

I was already friends with Salina Yoon so reached out to her with my idea. She not only supported the idea but shared it with her author friends!

And almost three years later, it is everything I had hoped for! I don’t even know if that kid still has her vlog.

With Salina Yoon when I was in first grade and finally met her! We have been friends since I was 3 and found her books!

Well, let’s hope she does! I like to see kids out there expressing themselves. If you could only ever read one book for the rest of your life what would it be?

I can’t say what the answer is because it would be an invalid answer. ( ALL of the books)

Yes, I do see your point there! What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an author, illustrator, penguinoligist, artist, potter, penguin keeper at the zoo, a costume designer ( I’ve already made a few in Minecraft), tailor,  and reading ambassador.

I have to admit, I googled the penguinologist thing and I may have to change my future  career plans to include penguinologist. What would you like for people to know about you?

I loooooooove penguins!! I also got some little kittens a little while ago, and they are the cutest things on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also have ADHD, seven food allergies and much more.

I have a basset hound named Baylor, he’s pretty awesome. 🙂 Do you get in trouble for reading too much at school (I know I do)?

Yes I read past silent reading time all the time.  I also get in trouble for reading when I need to get ready for school and reading well past me bedtime.

Getting in trouble for reading too much seems to be a theme with us kid reviewers… What would you say to another kid who wants to start their own blog?

It is fun and a lot of work. Find a way to do it about what you are interested in. Set a posting schedule or theme days.

Also make sure your parents are on board because it can be a lot a work for them too! When your a kid, your parents have to be your internet buffer. But that means you are their boss!

With Mike Maihack my favorite graphic novelist!!

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