Review! Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage

Series: Mysteries of Cove #1By J. Scott Savage288 pages – ages 9+Published by Shadow Mountain Publishing on September 29, 2015 Synopsis In the underground city of Cove, the worst insult you can call someone is an inventor.  It’s the worst of the cuss words. Trenton Coleman was shocked and mostly insulted when, after hooking up two approved … Read more

Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul By Michelle Isenhoff

Taylor Davis and the Flame of FindulBy Michelle Isenhoff256 pages – ages 9+Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on May 8, 2013 Taylor Davis didn’t want to move to the Caribbean. He didn’t want to have his school cheeseburger stolen by a girl six inches taller than him named Elena. He also didn’t want to save the … Read more

Easter pick – God’s Amazing World by Eileen Spinelli

God’s Amazing World by Eileen Spinelli CHECK LATEST PRICE Illustrated by Mélanie Florian32 pages – ages 4+Published by Ideals Children’s Books, an imprint of Ideals March 1, 2014 Synopsis  Cousins Gracie and Bo are amazed by the world around them.  Gracie tells Bo about the 7 Days of Creation.  Together the children discover how great and beautiful … Read more

Almost Super by Marion Jensen

I’m feeling a little purple today! I’ve turned my blog purple too. Why? Today it epilepsy awareness day! Purple Day was founded by 8-year-old Cassidy Megan (she’s now 15). Epilepsy is a serious disease that affects about 50 millions people.  Please show your support and help make people more aware of this disease.  Please visit or … Read more

Review! Impyrium by Henry H. Neff

Impyrium by Henry H. Neff CHECK LATEST PRICE 592 pages – ages 9+Published by: HarperCollins on October 4, 2016 Synopsis  “For over three thousand years, the Faeregine dynasty has ruled Impyrium. But the family’s magic has been fading, and with it their power over the empire.  Whether it’s treachery from a rival house, the demon Lirlanders, or … Read more