My Rating System

A NOTE ABOUT MY RATING SYSTEM – The reviews on my blog are my own opinion, and yes I do love a lot of books.

Some books I love may not be ones you are fond of, and some books you really like, I may not.

People have different opinions.

I am not a professional reviewer – I am a kid who loves to read. I review books because I like it. I never get gifts or paid for what I do.

I do read books I do not care for but the vast majority of them do not make it on my blog.

Because I want my blog to be about spreading the word about good books, if I read a book I don’t care for, I still write a review but email it to the author and give them the opportunity to have it published or not. 

Most authors ask me not to publish it but thank me for telling them my issues with the book. Trashing a book on my blog that someone worked really hard on is not something I want to do.