Perfect Picture Book Friday! 7 Ate 9: The Untold Story by Tara Lazar

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday.

It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people.

I chose this book because it is a fun story involving numbers and word play!

7 Ate 9 (Volume 1) (Private I, 1)

Written by Tara Lazar
Illustrated by Ross MacDonald
32 pages – ages 4+
Published by Disney-Hyperion on May 16, 2017

Theme/Topic- Numbers
Genre- Fiction
Opening and Synopsis- Opening: “I was dozing in my chair when an urgent banging on my office door bolted me awake.

‘7 is coming to get me,’ said 6.”

Synopsis from Publisher:

“6 has a problem.

Everyone knows that 7 is always after him. Word on the street is that 7 ate 9. If that’s true, 6’s days are numbered.

Lucky for him, Private I is on the case. But the facts just don’t add up.

It’s odd.

Will Private I put two and two together and solve the problem . . . or is 6 next in line to be subtracted?”

7 Ate 9: The Untold Story by Tara Lazar - Our Review

What I Thought

This is a great picture book collaboration from two great picture book creators!

Lazar has a wacky sense for writing scenes kids will love, and MacDonald knows just how to bring those scenes to life. 

Lazar cleverly weaves the story with plenty of fun play-on-words, puns, idioms, irony, etc.  

The illustrations utilize a lot of white-space, creating an old-timey feel; perfect for the detective-themed book.