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Review! Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame by Elise Stokes

27 Mar

Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame
Series: Cassidy Jones #5 (#1, #2, #3, #4)
By Elise Stokes
Word Count: 122,000 – Ages 13+
Published by JACE March 5, 2017

Synopsis- Cassidy Jones is back, and she’s got revenge on her mind. Lily White, the insane woman with indestructible metal molded to her skin, is going on a rampage: robbing banks, killing innocent people, and holding a family hostage. Why? Because she wants something called the Eternal Flame. Cassidy and her friends Emery and Jared have no idea what this Eternal Flame is, but they know that Lily must never get her metal hands on it. Their only hope is to find the object before any more people get hurt. It is also up to them to get Lily under control. After all, it takes a super-heroine to stop a super-villain, you know!

What I Thought- Stokes gives us another edge-of-your-seat adventure with one of the most amazing super-heroine’s I’ve ever read about.  I can’t tell you how much I love this series. Cassidy is a great role model for anyone, as she always tries to do what is right. Ms. Stokes has done a fabulous job of creating a strong female character and fleshing out her personality as the series goes on. The supporting characters are equally intriguing and very well developed. Stoke’s villains are wonderfully frightening – especially Lily White. This book is more written for young adults, seeing as there is some PG-13 content-type referencing. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of the way the Harry Potter books got more adult as the series went on and Harry got older. This makes sense to me because the characters and readers mature as the series goes on. The violence seems a little more real, with more consequences, but again that goes with the story seeming a bit darker – but also more realistic. I really like how the series is evolving into a world with superhero-type beings. I would elaborate, but there would be some big spoilers, so I won’t. The book contains a bit of the philosophy of the line between good/evil, and I enjoyed that. I really liked this addition to the Cassidy Jones saga, and look forward to the next book!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks

Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant By Elise Stokes

3 Jun

cassidyjones3Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant

By Elise Stokes

Published by JACE Publishing on May 23, 2013

Ages 10+

I have been waiting for book 3 in the Cassidy Jones series to come out! Cassidy Jones is back in an all-new adventure! In book one, Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula (see me review HERE) we learned that Cassidy got her superhero powers during an accident that happened while  visiting a genetics laboratory with her father. Since then, Cassidy and her “side-kick” Emery (the super-intelligent son of the geneticist in charge of the lab where Cassidy got her powers) have been fighting crime and trying to figure out how to control her powers. In this adventure, Cassidy is on a school field trip to a museum to see an ancient Egyptian exhibit. She overhears some people saying that they want to steal something from the museum. It turns out that one of the bad guys is Emery’s mysterious father!  Things get worse for the teenage superhero when she learns that Arthur King Jr. (that evil guy from book 1) was broken out of jail by Lily White (that evil girl from book 2) and Arthur’s super-evil mutant-making father, Arthur King Sr. (ginormous evil guy who was supposed to have died in a plane crash), come together to steal a microchip hidden in the museum display that can destroy the world. Find out how the super-powered teenager and her super-smart friend tackle the bad guys and still make it to class on time!

I am a superhero aficionado. I love classic superhero stories and I have to say – CASSIDY JONES ROCKS!!!  Seriously, move over Superman! (*sigh* OK Superman, just scootch over. You’re still very cool 😉 ) This Cassidy Jones book was just as awesome as the first two (see my review of Cassidy Jones and the Vulcan’s Gift  HERE). I love that Ms. Stokes wrote a YA superhero adventure series that is good for MG readers too (there are two or three times where the word a** appears, like in smarta**. Other than that it is totally appropriate for all ages). Ms. Stokes writing style makes the story very exciting and vivid in your mind. Cassidy is an awesome character. She is a hero boys and girls will love because she acts pretty much just like a normal teen and has normal teen issues (friends, school, family stuff). She seems really genuine. Emery is just plain cool too. He is cool because all of his “powers” are just because of his mind. He is just smart, and that’s awesome. I really like the twists at the end of this book and I can’t wait for book 4! Get writing Ms. Stokes!!! 😉

Five out of five bookworms for this great story! fivebooks

To learn more about the Cassidy Jones series, please visit the official website HERE.

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Follow Ms. Stokes on Twitter – @CassidyJonesAdv

Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift by Elise Stokes

21 Feb

Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift

By Elise Stokes

Kindle Edition reviewed

File Size: 449 KB -ages 9+

Published by JACE Publishing LLC. on December 4, 2011

Teen superhero Cassidy Jones is back in an all-new adventure! Cassidy and Emery, Cassidy’s 15-year-old super-genius boss/side-kick, are up against an all-new evil villain with powers equal to hers! OH, I forgot to tell you. Cassidy Jones has awesome superpowers (super-enhanced senses, super speed, super strength and a whole lot more) which she got during an accident in Serena Phillips’ (Emery’s mom) scientific laboratory. In “Vulcan’s Gift” Cassidy and Emery uncover a plot that involves an escaped tiger, the “Metal Man” super villain, an invention made by the Germans during World War II that some people will stop at nothing to get, and a Sasquatch (but that was really Cassidy in a furry coat). Follow along as Cassidy tries to learn how to control her growing powers, make-up with her boyfriend, survive gym class…and save the world!

In my opinion, Cassidy Jones is as great a superhero as any others! Cassidy is an awesome main character because she really is a “regular” kid that just happens to have superpowers. I really like how she keeps trying to figure out how to use her powers and how to control them. I also like Emery even more in this book. I like how Emery is a super genius, but in the second book he seems even more like a teen or kid and he’s a little more cool. I really like the way Ms. Stokes tells an action packed good vs. evil story in a super clean way (a way that younger kids can read without having bad words or graphic violence in it). I also like that Cassidy’s little brother, Chazz, kind of figures out that she’s a superhero and I hope that  we learn more about this in the next book. The ending of “Vulcan’s Gift” is AWESOME because it shows the meeting of two evil villains that are combining forces for the next great adventure!

FIVE OUT OF FIVE bookworms for “Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift”!!

If you missed my review of book 1 in the Cassidy Jones series, “Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula” you can find it HERE. Both books are available on nook and kindle. You can get paperbacks of book 1 on Amazon.

For more information about The Cassidy Jones Adventures and Ms. Stokes, please visit her website HERE.

Get Book 1 of the Cassidy Jones Adventures FREE!!!

5 Jan


Get the AWESOME superhero adventure story “Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula” by Elise Stokes, FREE on Kindle for the next few days!! GET IT FREE HERE! Cassidy Jones ROCKS as a superhero! See my review of this book HERE! Check out book 2 of the Cassidy Jones series – Vulcan’s Gift too (I haven’t posted my review yet but you can read about it at Bookworm Blather HERE). You won’t be disappointed in these books!!

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula

22 Dec

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula

By Elise Stokes

Published by JACE Publishing LLC on December 13, 2010

325 pages – ages 9+

Kindle version reviewed

Cassidy Jones was a normal, shy teenager. Normal until she accidentally breathed in the gas from a secret experiment conducted by a world-famous scientist (Dr. Phillips) called Formula X.  Now she can run faster than a race horse, she’s stronger than a rampaging rhino, has better sight than an eagle, she can leap higher than a jungle cat and can hear better than a deer! Cassidy doesn’t know what to do about her new super powers, but she decides she can’t tell anyone. When the famous scientist AND her Dad get kidnapped, Cassidy decides to use her new powers to save them, but when she can’t even control her own emotions, how is she going to control her new super powers?!? She finds a “friend” in the kidnapped Dr. Phillips’ son, Emery…but she’s not sure if she can trust him completely.

I totally enjoyed reading this book. Cassidy Jones rocks as a superhero! The book is written for older kids but there is no bad language or inappropriate things in the story so you can have younger kids read it too. A lot of books with a teen protagonist (that’s my new word now that I know what it means 😉 ) are not appropriate for kids my age, but this isn’t one of them. There is some fighting (she is a superhero after all) but nothing graphic (it’s actually kind of like comicy fights or like the Saturday Morning Cartoons fights). It was also cool how the hero is a girl because there are barely any girl superhero main characters. I really liked Cassidy Jones personality too. Emery was also a great character. He was really interesting to read about. It is a very action packed and detailed story that keeps you interested!

I give Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula 5 out of 5 book worms!

GOOD NEWS! There is a second Cassidy Jones book out, it was just published on December 4th! I can’t wait to read it! For a sneak peek check out Michelle Isenhoff’s review of it HERE.

You can also learn more about Elise Stokes and her books by visiting the Cassidy Jones website HERE.

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