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Review! The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

25 Feb

squirrelThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Written by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale
Illustrated by Vitale Mangiatordi
336 pages – ages 9+
Published by Marvel Press on February 7, 2017

Synopsis – Doreen Green knows that she’s different. After all, there is literally a perfectly legit reason why she obsesses over squirrels. You see, Doreen Green is a fourteen-year-old with a squirrel tail. But now she’s moved across the country from sunny, brilliant, cheery California to…New Jersey. What if there are no squirrels?!

Luckily, there ARE squirrels! But Doreen’s new town is pretty messed up. There are graffiti “artists” and wild dogs running loose! So, Doreen decides to do what any good citizen should do – clean up her town. And it goes fine, until she finds out that she now has an arch-nemesis. Which stinks. Now it’s up to Squirrel Girl to stop this squirrel-hating psycho from destroying her town!

What I Thought- I knew about Squirrel Girl from reading comics. She had a brief run with her own comic but she really is a minor character so I was interested to see what the Hale’s did with her in this middle grade novel. This book is actually really funny. There is just a lot of details that make for a humorous read. One of the ones I like is that there are footnotes throughout the book from Doreen, because she is reading the book at the same time as you are! There are also text messages between Doreen and some prominent superheroes that are absolutely hilarious. Doreen is a very enjoyable character that seems a bit too naive at times. Mr. and Mrs. Hale are a great writing team, and have the voice of young teenagers down perfectly. They make the characters believable. Along with that, the setting is well-described, and doesn’t really diss New Jersey (which usually is an easy target), just her fictional, messed-up town. There are also black and white squirrel illustrations throughout the book that were a nice touch. This was an altogether enjoyable read, and a nice foray into the Marvel universe from a lesser known superhero!

I give this book five out of five bookworms!fivebooks


Comic Books ROCK !!

25 Apr









I have an important announcement to make:

Comic books are books, too!

I’ve been reviewing a lot of books of all kinds but not COMIC BOOKS!!! I am making the mistake a lot of people make in ignoring comic books! I started reading comic books when I was 4 years old. I had a subscription to “Spider-Man” from Marvel Kids. Comics are really what got me into reading and even though I read a lot of chapter books -I still read comic books! So in this 2-part post I am going to convince you -kids and parents– you should read comic books! In this first part of the post I am going to tell you about why comic books are good to read. In the second part of the post (I’ll publish it Wednesday April 27th) I will have a SPECIAL INTERVIEW with a comic book creator (RAY FRIESEN)!!!!!!!

Some people like picture stories more than word stories. Some comics can have a lot of words to go with the pictures. It may be easier to get kids to read if there are a lot of pictures. Your kids may be reading comic books -but at least they are READING!!

So -Don’t tell your kid to read a book when they’re reading a comic book because COMICS ARE BOOKS TOO!


Comic books are actually books in disguise! There are many comics out there that are right for kids (be careful when shopping because some can be violent or not appropriate for kids) but there are a lot of kids comics to choose from.

Here are some tips for you when book shopping!

1. Want your child to read a chapter book but they like comic books? Comic books can be thicker and can have chapters in them.

2. Look to see the rating on the comics to see if they are good for kids.

3. If your child doesn’t like superheroes or Star Wars -don’t worry! You can find comics they like! There are all sorts of comics out there.

4. Some comics books are collections of comic strips. For example you can get books filled with Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Get Fuzzy etc.

5. Some comic books are “Graphic Novels” . Graphic Novels are longer and have more of a story to them.

 6. Some books are actually being published that you may not think of as being comic books, but they are! For example “Smile” (See my review) and “Bone”.

7. You can now get a subscription for digital comic books online instead of getting the books in the mail (but I think it’s really cool to get the books every month in the mail).

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