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Sir Nathan and the Clammy Calamity (A Somewhat Silly Story Book #3) by Mark Simon Smith

18 Jul

Have I got a surprise for you! Since everyone wanted to know more about my legendary bass of legend, I thought that I would post a picture of it (besides, Rhythm asked me if I had a picture and some of you questioned my awesome fishing abilities ūüôā ).


I was told to “Smile BIG!” ūüėÄ

sir-nathan#3Sir Nathan and the Clammy Calamity
By Mark Simon Smith
Illustrated by Derek K. Gebler
310 pages – ages 7+
Published by CreateSpace on May 3, 2013

When an evil whale (named Kale) tries to flood Mariskatania (because he’s upset of all the litter that goes into the sea from Mariskatania), Sir Nathan, the Hero of the Land, is called in. Sadly, Kale the Whale anticipates this and he takes all of the courage out of Sir Nathan! Now all the Hero wants to do is weep, sob, and cry. Who’s going to stop Kale the Whale from flooding Mariskatania now? Why, everyone, that is! From the tiny hobnobber squirrels (blue squirrels that crave nuts that are incredibly poisonous to them) to the spoiled Princess Abbey who only cares for herself, everyone gets their chance to be a hero on this adventure!

I loved this all-new adventure of Sir Nathan (Read my review of book 1 right HERE and book 2 over THERE)! It was even funnier than the other two books! The message of this book is great – it says that there is no thing to hold courage – it comes from within. You don’t need some fancy weapon to have courage. What you need is a heart.¬†I really like the plot, especially how everyone (including Tupolev, Sir Nathan’s faithful steed and Amazing Grace, a knight-friend of Sir Nathan) “became” the Hero of Mariskatania. That was hilarious! Plus, I like the Licorice sheep. They are pretty smart. (they were building a sheep-friendly ladder, for candy’s sake!) I love the illustrations, but wish there were some more. I really like Kale the Whale. He’s just your average inventor who wants to take over the world, although being a whale in a walker-mechanism (4 legs & 2 hands) makes it a funny sight to behold. This is a great book for young readers, whether it’s a read-aloud, or just a read-alone.

I give this book a whopping 7 out of 5 book worms! twobooksfivebooks

Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task by Mark Simon Smith

27 Nov

Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task: Another Somewhat Silly Story

by Mark Simon Smith

Illustrated by Derek K. Gebler

302 Pages – Ages 8+

Published by CreateSpace on August 24, 2012

Sir Nathan is back in an all new somewhat silly adventure! When the Royal Twins go missing, Sir Nathan and his trusty steed Tupolev are called upon by Queen Gobbledeegook to rescue them! As they set off on their journey, they meet up with “Amazing” Grace, the castle cleaner’s daughter who wants to be a knight. Sir Nathan does not think that is a good idea. Grace hasn’t even taken any classes to learn how to be a knight and her costume is all wrong AND her “horse” (Flopsy) is a MOP – literally, the girl rides a mop!¬† Grace is determined to go on the quest and prove herself as a knight. The unlikely trio (I guess it would be a quartet if you count Flopsy the mop), encounter a tribe of not-so-smart, clumsy ogres that dine on the blood of their enemies¬† tea and scones, three witches that share one eye, one ear and one nose between them, a dragon who is afraid to fly and other various silly characters on their way to find the twins. Will Sir Nathan yet again save the day and rescue the twins?!?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was so…SILLY! I loved the first somewhat silly adventure Sir Nathan went on (Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook, see my review HERE) and this one is just as silly! Sir Nathan was his usual awesome silly self and in this story, I also really liked Grace. She was really funny (especially because of Flopsy). I also really like the illustrations in the book. They let me see who the characters were and some actually made me laugh! Both of Mr. Smith’s books in this series are very appropriate for younger kids and they are just fun to read!

I give “Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task” 5 out of 5 bookworms!

To learn more about Mr. Smith and the Somewhat Silly Stories, please visit the Somewhat Silly Stories website HERE or visit Mr. Smith’s facebook page HERE.

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