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Creative Kid Thursday! Josie Reviews #PETERRIFIC!

1 Jun

Today is Creative Kid Thursday! YAAAAAAY! A day where I feature other Creative Kids. Today I have a guest reviewer – Josie! I happen to be Josie’s big brother. Josie was excited to review Peterrific as she is a big fan of Pinkalicious and was happy to see Peter get his own book.

By Victoria Kann
40 pages – ages 4 – 8
Series: Pinkalicious
Published by HarperCollins on May 2, 2017

Summary from the Publisher: In Peterrific, readers can follow Peter’s own adventures as he builds a tower of blocks all the way to the moon. Peter loves to build with blocks. One day, he decides to build a tower that will reach the moon, and he wants to do it all by himself. Will the moon be made of cheese? Can he catch a shooting star? As Peter climbs higher and higher into space, he discovers he doesn’t have a way down! He’ll have to figure out what to do next—all by himself.

What Josie Thought:  I really like Pincalicious and am happy that Peter gets his own book! I liked how in the story Pinkalicious is helping Peter build his tower and they are working together. I also like how Peterrific is in gold sparkly letters on the cover of the book. The inside pictures are nice. I really like the ones that show outer space and the one where Peter is looking at the moon is really cool! I think I would have liked to have seen more of Peter in space trying to get a star for his mom. I like that Peter thinks to design his tower before building it. That is smart. I hope Peter gets another book!

I give this book four out of five bookworms!

Go to the Pinkalicious website to find some Peterrific downloadable activities.

You can get a sneak peek of the inside of the book HERE

For those of you in the Philadelphia Area, Victoria Kann will be at the Doylestown Bookshop in Doylestown PA on June 3rd at 2pm for a PETERRIFIC storytime!


Great Back-to-School Picture Books from HarperCollins!

1 Sep

Before I get to tell you about some great back-to-school books, I get to announce that the winner of a signed copy of Jenifer Alvarez’s Guardian Herd: Starfire  (see my review HERE) is 

Rebecca “Franticmommy” Flansburg!

WOO! Congratulations M. Flansburg, I will be emailing you to get the address you want the book sent to! 


Now to tell you about some GREAT picture books!


chuChu’s First Day of School

By Neil Gaiman

Illustrated by Adam Rex

32 pages – ages 4+
Published by HarperCollins on June 24, 2014


Summary (from the inside jacket): It is Chu’s first day of school. Chu is nervous. He hopes the other boys and girls will be nice. Will they like him? What will happen at school today? Will Chu do what Chu does best?

What I thought: This was a very cute book. I like that it shows Chu being afraid that the other kids may not like him (not just being afraid to go to school). I think a lot of kids have this fear. On top of the nice story, the illustrations are wonderful and had a slightly realistic feeling to them. I think it made them very unique images.


Chu is adorable. I love his aviator helmet and goggles. Mr. Gaiman has written a nice picture book about going back to school. I love Chu’s talent, or as his new teacher says, “what he can do.” I think this book will help kids who are nervous about what other kids will think of them at school.

There is a printable activity to go with the book on the publisher’s website – click HERE

To learn more about Chu, please visit Mr. Gaiman’s website HERE


littlelolaLittle Lola

by Julie Saab and David Gothard

32 pages – ages 4+

Published by Greenwillow Books on April 22, 2014

Summary (from the inside jacket): Little Lola loves everything! So when she discovers school, you can be sure that she’ll love every minute of it. Yes, she’s a cat. (And when was the last time you saw a cat in school?) But being a cat never stopped Lola!

What I thought: THIS BOOK IS HILARIOUS!!! I thought this was going to be a cute little kitty going to school book, but wow – Lola is one energetic kitty determined to have a great day! The story is great! I love how Lola wakes up and finds a complete school outfit and decides to go to school – not with other animals but with kids. The art is so carefree and humorous that I could spend hours looking at the illustrations. I think it’s a book that could really get kids excited about school.

To learn more about my new favorite kitty, visit the Lola website HERE


monstersloveMonsters LOVE School

Written and illustrated by Mike Austin

  40 pages – ages 4+
Published by HarperCollins on June 24, 2014

Summary (publisher’s description): Summer is over, and now it’s time for the biggest adventure of all . . . Monster School! Join these colorful monsters as they go to school for the first time. Reading and writing and learning your monster history has never been so much fun! Fans of Monsters Love Colors and others will love this exciting picture book.

What I thought: This is a nice book about making friends and going (back) to school. The monsters are cute and funny. I like how they all got along and helped the new monster. That was nice. The monsters show how fun school can be. The art has a cool style and I really like the patterns in the monsters.



pinkandnewPinkalicious and the New Teacher

by Victoria Kann

24 pages – ages 4+

Published by HarperFestival on June 24, 2014

Summary (from the back of the book) – Pinkalicious usually likes new experiences, but when she gets a new teacher she’s not sure how she feels.

What I thought: I think that this book covers how some kids view the first day of school (and a new teacher) very well. Ms. Kann captures the feeling of kids getting a new teacher very well. As a kid, I know how it feels to have one of your favorite teachers leave and have to get a new one that you’re not really sure about.  I love how Ms. Kann shows Pinkalicious adapting to the new class. My little sister LOVES Pinkalicious, and I think she is the kind of role model kids need; one who proves that everyone is not perfect, but we should try hard to do the right thing. In addition to the pinkiperfect story there is a poster, bookmarks and stickers in the book. 

Check out the printable activity on HarperCollins website – click HERE

Check out the Pinkalicious website HERE


Perfect Picture Book Friday! Emeraldalicious By Victoria Kann

19 Apr

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because Earth Day is on Monday, and this is a great book to teach a greenerific lesson with!


By Victoria Kann

40 pages – ages 4 – 8

Published by HarperCollins on January 29, 2013

Theme/Topic – Environment/ Recycling

Opening and Synopsis – Taken from the inside jacket –

“When Pinkalicious and Peter decide to visit their favorite park, they find that it’s no longer their favorite place – the park is now filled with stinky trash! So Pinkalicious decides to make an extra-special wand out of flowers. Now whenever Pinkalicious makes a wish, adds a little love and recites a pinkatastic rhyme, something amazing happens: It’s pinkerrific magic!”

Why I liked this book –  This is an awesome book for Earth Day! It gives the message; care for your environment and recycle! The illustrations are fabulous as with all of Ms. Kann’s books. I really like Pinkalicious’ cape, wand, and tiara that were made from flowers and plants. I really like how the story shows that you can re-use some of the “junk” lying around and make it into something great. I think everyone should do more of that. I think kids (girls AND boys – remember, Peter is there too!) 4+ would really like this book!

Activities and Resources –

Go out to your favorite park, and clean up any trash you see, so that park doesn’t become as bad as the park in the one in the book!

Cub Pack 16, From the Harvey Scott Grade Schoo...

Cub Pack 16, From the Harvey Scott Grade School in Portland Cleaning Up Beach Litter at Sauvie Island on the Columbia River 04/1973 (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

Re-use, Reduce, and Recycle! Talk about the 3 R’s with your child. Maybe do some of them too?

Crystal earth recycle icon

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog  HERE!

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts by Victoria Kann

11 Feb

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts

By Victoria Kann

24 pages – ages 3+

Published by HarperFestival on November 22, 2011

Pinkalicious made a beautiful perfectly pink valentine that she worked very hard on for her best friend Alison. It took her all night to make. She couldn’t wait to give it to Alison and Pinkalicious dreamed about the pinkariffic valentine that her “secret valentine” was making for her! Allison LOVES the valentine Pinkalicious made for her and when Pinkalicious opens her valentine, she is a little disappointed to find a very plain not so pink valentine from Alison. Pinkalicious then sees a note she didn’t see before. The note was a beautiful valentine that Alison wrote just for her! Pinkalicious learn that not everything wonderful has to be pink!

This book is a perfect valentine book! In fact, my parents gave it to my little sister, Josie. My Mom took Josie to the Pinkalicious Party at Harleysville Books – which I tagged along to report about here (on my blog).

When we got there, there was a whole room filled with little girls ALL IN PINK…and me…(NOT in pink – thankfully). Miss Steph read “Pinkalicious” to us and the read “Pink of Hearts” too! Miss Steph is a great story reader.

After Ms. Steph finished reading, she split the kids into two groups – one was making valentines first and the other making wands first – and Josie went with the wand group so I tagged along.

Josie and her friends Katie and Shea made wands! OK! OK! I made a wand too.
Then you got to make your own valentines… BUT it wasn’t all pink (thankfully 😉 ).!

To learn more about Ms. Kann and all the Pinkalicious books, please visit the Pinkalicious website HERE.

When you visit the website, you can “pinkify” yourself! Here’s Josie!

And, Me. 😦

Happy Valentines Day!

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